How To Choose The Best Gynecologist

We require the services of doctors, surgeons, gynaecologist, and other health specialist from time to time. For women, there are expert gynecologists who know how to handle the health issues faced by females. While choosing a gynecologist a woman must consider various things and qualities about them. One cannot simply choose any gynecologist without finding out her experience and qualifications.

Today, we will learn how to choose the best gynecologist by considering simple tips.

  1. Strengths & Specialities: Gynecologists frequently have fortes, for example, obstetrics, oncology, or infertility. If you’re having issues in conceiving, you’ll need a doctor who has vast experience in the field of fertility. If you or a family member has uterine or gynecological disease, it’s recommended that you should consult a specialist who is renowned in oncology. In case you’re intending to get pregnant, you’ll need a specialist who incorporates obstetrics in their training.
  1. Approach & Attitude: It’s quite important that the gynecologist you’re visiting has a positive approach and attitude towards all its patients. It’s the job of the gynecologist to work for the welfare of her patients, and every woman should visit a doctor who has a positive approach and attitude. It’s a duty of every health specialist to treat his/her patients with a positive approach.
  1. Gender: There are many females who prefer to visit a female specialist compared to visiting a male doctor. Here it depends on the personal choice of the woman to choose the gender she wishes to visit. However, in India, women feel more comfortable visiting a female gynecologist.
  1. Location: Consider how far you’ll travel to visit your gynecologist. Many women don’t wish to travel for long to just see a doctor. Also, find a doctor who lives near, so you can easily visit him or her in case of emergency.
  1. Availability: There are many gynaecologists who are completely booked for many months, and you won’t be able to visit them if you don’t take an appointment early. Call the best gynec in Mumbai today to get an appointment for your consultation and treatment.
  1. Clinic Staff: Apart from considering the qualities of the gynec, you should also consider the approach and attitude of the staff members of the clinic. The staff will tell a lot about the way a patient is treated in the clinic, for example, see if the staff members are friendly, helpful, and are ready to assist you immediately or not.
  1. Compatibility with The Patients: To be honest, a woman will be sharing some personal and even intimate details about her life with the gynecologist, so it’s important for women to visit a gynec who fully understands what they’re trying to convey.

How To Cure Women Infertility Naturally

There are various reasons behind the occurrence of infertility in women. Infertility can be treated by utilising medicines and other treatments.

However, there are natural treatments for barrenness that cause no harm to the mother and are exceptionally economical. Other than this, these sorts of barrenness treatments are really successful too.

Some of these reasons behind infertility in women are:

  • Stress
  • Poor diet
  • Ageing
  • Endometriosis
  • PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)
  • Infection or injury caused to reproductive organs, etc.

Let’s check out some effective natural infertility treatments.

  • Having a Healthy Diet

Egg plant is thought to be powerful in diminishing common barrenness. Eating delicately cooked eggplants with buttermilk for 25 to 30 days can cure barrenness in females. There are many herbs known to be beneficial in enhancing fertility. Winter cherry is a herb that is useful in decreasing natural infertility.

Vitamin C, E, B6, and B12 can be seen as fertility supporters for females. Admission of foods rich in these vitamins can be very useful for females willing to get pregnant. Flax seeds have a high content of useful fatty acids. General consumption of flax seeds can end up being very good to decrease the level barrenness.

Folic acid is one of the vitamins that are known for being an aid for those females who want to conceive. A recent study clearly showed that women who consistently eat foods rich in folic acid had 20% greater chance of generating eggs. Females craving for pregnancy should consume 0.4 mg of folic acid on a regular basis after stopping birth control pills.

  • Herbal Treatments For Infertility And PCOS

Herbal cures for female barrenness work without giving any side-effects to the patient. These treatments are inexpensive and totally safe. If you wish to conceive without going through costly medical treatment, then at that point try herbal treatments to get rid of infertility.

Red clover is outstanding among other natural infertility cures as it is rich in vitamins, magnesium and in calcium as well. Another such magical herb is raspberry leaf, which contains high amount of calcium and therefore, helps in re-establishing hormonal imbalance. At the point when consumed with red clover, it delivers great outcomes.

These herbs are also known for enhancing ovulation. Other herb that helps with controlling ovulation and hormones is stinging nettle, which is highly rich in chlorophyll and other minerals. You can consume it with tea on a regular basis. These are amazing herbs, but consult renowned gynecologists in Mumbai, before consuming any of these natural ingredients.

  • Proper Exercise Regimen

Meditation has picked up prevalence in numerous nations, but not very many people think about the amazing advantages of this technique to do work out. Mediation is an extremely viable natural barrenness cure as it re-establishes hormonal imbalance, manages periods and enhances ovulation.

How To Increase Fertility For Women Suffering From PCOS

Do you know that Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is one of the main reasons behind the sub fertility or zero fertility among women?


PCOS affect around 20% to 25% of females who are in their reproductive age. It is a condition in females portrayed by irregular or lack of periods, unreasonable amount of male hormones and ovulation-related issues. The symptoms and severity of PCOS are different among suffering females.


How To Get Pregnant If A Woman Is Suffering From PCOS?


Follow Steps That Help You To Lead A Healthy Life


  • Most females who are suffering from PCOS have confirmed that their fertility power enhanced after they made healthy improvements in their diet and physical exercise schedule.
  • Females with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome often experience the ill effects of obesity and high insulin levels. Various researches have demonstrated that a 5% drop in the overall body weight of female with PCOS gives a critical change in her general fertility and it likewise limits the danger of gestational diabetes after she becomes pregnant.
  • You can start by changing your everyday eating routine to low-fat and low-carbs, and perform more cardio workouts. These steps will enable you to maintain your weight effectively while regulating the insulin levels.


Take The Prescribed Medications For PCOS Strictly


  • There’s simply no need to make any compromise when it comes to take the medications prescribed by the doctor to fight PCOS.
  • As there are such a huge number of treatment alternatives for PCOS that it has become very overwhelming to deal with them all. Your specialist may recommend medications to manage your periods, medicines to decrease insulin resistance, weight reduction treatments and infertility medicines as well.
  • It might require some time for your medical treatment to show results. So, if you truly wish to get pregnant, you need to comply with your specialist’s recommendations and take your medicines on time.


Females Suffering From PCOS Often Face Ovulation Issues


  • If you’re attempting to get pregnant, your specialist would recommend ovulation medicines that stimulate the process and come in tablet or injection types. Indeed, even with the assistance of these stimulants, you ovulation cycle will in any case be exceptionally unpredictable.
  • Keeping in mind the end goal of getting pregnant, you need to time the date of your intercourse at the exact moment when you are ovulating. The best time would be the next day amid the week of your ovulation cycle.


Women with PCOS around the globe are getting pregnant and conceiving healthy infants consistently. So, there’s absolutely no need to lose hope. Just visit the best PCOS doctors in Mumbai to get effective treatment. With patience and determination, it is quite possible for you to get pregnant.

How PCOS Affect Female Fertility

PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is a reproductive ailment that affects women and is identified with the discharge and occurrence of specific hormones in a woman’s body, which results in a few complications.


  • A woman suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome will have an excessive number of androgens (male hormones) in the body, which prompts different and horrible symptoms and side effects. There is additionally a high level of luteinizing hormone (LH), which is a hormone produced by the pituitary organ that starts ovulation. The high amount of these hormones causes issues with the ovulation procedure.


What actually happens is that, when an ovary is supposed to crack and discharge an egg for further development, it however fails to perform its job. To put it plainly, a female suffering from with PCOS fails to ovulate.


The crack or rupture on the ovary where the egg is supposed to have been discharged turns into a liquid filled sac, and it is this liquid filled sac that is transformed into a cyst. This keeps happening for a long time, and no eggs are discharged. As a result, various cysts are created, which is the reason this illness starts with the word ‘poly’, a prefix stating more than one.


The symptoms of PCOS can prove to be too bad for the health of the patient. They can incorporate irregular periods (or sometimes no periods occur for many months)

  • Acne
  • Weight gain
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Excessive hair growth at undesired places such as face and breast due to the high presence of male hormones


The absence of consistent periods experienced by a female with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome can even increase the danger of cancer of any reproductive organ, especially the uterus and endometrium. This eventually leads to infertility. The irregular menstrual cycle and absence of ovulation (a health issue called as anovulation) make pregnancy extremely difficult to achieve.


In spite of the fact that a conclusive cure has not been available for PCOS, there are a few treatments that have achieved positive results on thousands of patients. You can get these treatments by visiting one of the most renowned PCOS doctors in Mumbai.


Remember, the real reason for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is unknown, and so a permanent and defining treatment is yet to be found.


A large number of problems related with PCOS are mentioned above, (for example, diabetes and heart illnesses) can be maintained prevented or controlled to a certain level by following a proper exercising schedule, eating a healthy diet, and visiting the most experienced PCOS doctors Mumbai.


Medicine can be utilized to drive ovulation for females who are willing to get pregnant. The ovulation diminishes the danger of the patient developing cancer. Numerous PCOS patients have achieved pregnancy through proper medications, despite the fact that it isn’t a permanent cure for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

How You Can Achieve A Healthy Pregnancy

In India, it’s an occasion of great joy when a woman gets the news of her successful pregnancy. A lot of excitement and anticipation are built in the hearts of the woman and her family members, who wait eagerly to welcome the new-born. It’s a time when a woman goes through a lot of physical and emotional change within their body that occur naturally.


Do you smoke a lot, or drink alcohol on a regular basis? If yes, then before, during, and after pregnancy is the time to stay away from both of these most harmful addictions. It’s better to stay away from smoking and alcohol, even if you aren’t planning to get pregnant.


Remember, smoking or alcohol consumption during pregnancy is connected to a higher risk of ‘nonsyndromic orofacial clefts’ in new-borns. Expert gynaecologists say that these two habits are too bad for any pregnant women. Pregnancy is a time to take extra care of your body and it isn’t a time to try dieting or weight losing.


How Can You Achieve a Healthy Pregnancy?


The ideal way to a healthy pregnancy is making proper plans with your partner and consulting a gynaecologist. Consuming a healthy diet can help you to have a healthy pregnancy and a strong baby. Health of the mother has direct effects on the results of a pregnancy. If you take all the necessary actions to remain as strong as you can amid your pregnancy, then the possibility of completing the term and delivering a healthy baby increases.


If you are already pregnant with your child, then healthy diet must be your first priority. If you’re making plans with your partner to get pregnant, then start eating healthy food straight away. This will provide your body with the right amount of nutrients that are needed to get pregnant. Remember, pregnancy is not the right time to follow a weight loss program.


Visit the best gynec in Mumbai, when you discover that you’ve conceived. The gynaecologist will explain to you things about the healthy pregnancy weight gain. Staying healthy is more essential when you’re pregnant.


Another important aspect of a healthy pregnancy is exercise. Ii can help you to stay away from excess fat, but only do exercises that are recommended by the doctor. Exercise can prove quite helpful for women who are suffering from PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and finding it difficult to conceive.


Proper amount of sleep is also quite important to ensure a healthy pregnancy period. To prepare for a healthy pregnancy, consulting the gynaecologist is really important. Indeed, even before conceiving, it is crucial to get ready for a healthy pregnancy. The best way to give your new-born a healthy start is to lead a healthy lifestyle, even before you become pregnant.

PCOS Is Becoming An Epidemic In India

It has been estimated that millions of women in India are suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). The number is so high that this illness can qualify as an epidemic, but the sad part is that most women aren’t even aware that they’re suffering from PCOS.


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome has been perceived as one of the main reasons behind infertility, and with its effects on heart’s wellbeing, it additionally becomes one of the biggest reasons for death in Asia, especially in India.


Sadly there is an absence of data and knowledge about PCOS, making it hard and annoying to diagnose accurately. Unrecognized and untreated, PCOS can result in diabetes, elevated cholesterol and a rise in the danger of developing cancer. So as to effectively keep away these health issues, it is important to analyze and treat Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome ASAP.


What Is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome?


PCOS can be defined as the development of numerous cysts on the ovaries and a large group of different issues that accompany them, which incorporate absence of ovulation and menstrual irregularities, growth of facial hair and acne, hair loss, and weight gain. Females experiencing this condition may likewise have fluctuating degrees of insulin resistance and high chances of getting Type 2 diabetes, elevated cholesterol and high androgen levels may also occur.


How To Know If A Woman Has PCOS?


Some of the major symptoms of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) are:


  • Ovulation might stop, or become irregular
  • Patient might find it difficult to get pregnant
  • Frequent mood swings
  • Hair thinning
  • Periods might stop, become irregular or painful
  • Growth of excess hair on undesired areas such as face and body
  • Growth of acne on the facial area
  • High cholesterol levels, high blood pressure as well
  • Insulin resistance, or might develop high insulin levels
  • Excess weight gain without any specific reason


Why Does PCOS Happen?


PCOS happens when a female stops ovulating, which results in a disturbance in the typical, patterned connection between her hormones, ovaries and brain. The correct reason for PCOS is still unknown. Previously, it was thought that Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome occurs totally by excess production of androgen. Recent studies have shown that Metabolic Syndrome related to insulin resistance and elevated amounts of insulin might be behind the occurrence of PCOS. Visit a gynaecologist in Mumbai Andheri area to know more about PCOS.


Some possible causes of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)


Although the exact reason behind the occurrence of PCOS is still unknown, by experts think that a few health issues or lifestyle matter might be the reason:

  • Genetics
  • High saturated fat intake
  • High consumption of processed foods
  • Contraceptive medications & Birth control pills
  • Environmental pollutants
  • Lifestyle factors such as stress, lack of exercise, and poor nutrition.

What Cause Infertility In Female?

Studies have shown that approx. 1 out of every 6 couple has infertility in some form. In India also, infertility has become a major problem, and many women are getting affected from it. An infertility diagnosis is performed on a couple that has been unsuccessful in conceiving for more than a year. When the reason behind infertility exists inside the women, it is called as female infertility, which makes up for more than 50% of all the cases of infertility.


The most widely recognized reasons for infertility among women incorporate issues related to ovulation, damaged uterus or fallopian tubes, or issues with the cervix. Age can add to infertility due to the fact that as a woman ages, the ability to conceive decrease gradually.


Issues in ovulation might occur because of at least one of these reasons:


  • Problems in thyroid gland
  • A tumour or cyst
  • A hormone imbalance
  • Extremely short menstrual cycles
  • Stress
  • Excess weight
  • Alcohol or drug use
  • Eating disorders like bulimia or anorexia
  • Extreme exercise that results in a significant loss of body fat.


Uterus or fallopian tubes can get damaged due to one of these reasons:


  • A birth defect
  • Polyps in the uterus
  • Chronic medical illness
  • An infection that has affected the patient previously
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease
  • A previous ectopic (tubal) pregnancy
  • Scar tissue or adhesions
  • Endometriosis or fibroids
  • DES syndrome – It’s a medication, which is given to a woman to avoid any risk of miscarriage or premature birth. However, it can cause fertility issues for her children.


Infertility can also be caused by abnormal cervical mucus. The sperm can be stopped by abnormal cervical mucus from reaching the egg, or it can make tougher for the sperm to go inside the egg.


PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is another major reason that causes infertility issues in women. You need to visit an expert doctor for proper treatment.


How Female Infertility Can Be Treated?


By using at least one of the following treatments, infertility among women can be treated. Have a look.


  • Taking antibiotics prescribed by the best Gynec in Mumbai to remove an infection
  • Consuming prescriptions to stimulate ovulation
  • Consuming supplements to fight infertility
  • To fight against endometriosis, hormone imbalance, or a brief menstrual cycle, patient is given hormones by the best gynaecologist in Mumbai West
  • To remove blockage or scar tissues from the uterus, fallopian tubes, or pelvic area, minor surgery can be performed.
  • If a woman is suffering from PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) then she must visit an expert gynaecologist for proper treatment.


Can I Avoid Female Infertility?


You can take several measures to reduce the chances of infertility:


  • Stay away from illicit drugs
  • Stay away from alcohol completely
  • Maintain high level of personal hygiene
  • Follow the best health practices
  • Prevent sexually transmitted diseases – Don’t indulge in illicit sexual relationships
  • Once you become sexually active, go to your gynaecologist for annual check-ups.


There is generally nothing that is possible to prevent infertility in female caused by either an illness or some genetic issue. But, visit the best Gynec in Mumbai before reaching any conclusions.

Why Infertility Happens? Top 10 Medical Causes

Over the years, infertility problem has increased due to various reasons. There are different factors behind infertility among men and women.


Let’s take a look at top 10 medical reasons behind infertility.


1. Ovulation Disorder


There is a wide range of reasons a woman may have unpredictable ovulation cycles or no ovulation. Hormonal imbalance is the main cause behind infertility among women.


2. Blocked Fallopian Tubes


In women, the fallopian tubes are the ways in which the ova travel from the ovaries into the uterus. If there is a blockage in fallopian tubes, then it becomes difficult to become conceive.


3. Low Sperm Count


Specialists have researched and established that 20 million sperm for each ml or more is ideal sperm count. If the count is less than that then it is termed as ‘low sperm count’.


4. Poor Sperm Health


This incorporates sperm motility (movement of the sperm, tail whip) and morphology (shape/legitimate development of the sperm and DNA). 30% of infertility cases are because of poor sperm health.


5. Endometriosis


Endometriosis occurs when excess endometrium lining of the uterus that usually develops for the embedding of the egg, fail to shed during periods. 40% to 50% of infertility cases in females occur because of endometriosis.


6. Poor Egg Health


There are different elements that may affect the health of the eggs and ovaries such as stress, hormones in the diet, environmental elements, ageing and lifestyle.


7. Anti-sperm Antibodies


In a few people, semen can result in an immune response, and this can occur in both males and females. Antibodies are activated amid the immune response that works to eliminate the sperm. High quantities of sperm antibodies can make it troublesome for the sperm to reach the egg, or to enter the egg. Anti-sperm antibodies may additionally harm sperm that survive, which increases possibility of miscarriage.


8. PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)


PCOS is credited to hormonal imbalance in a woman’s body. This imbalance may result in abnormal menstrual cycle, cysts in the ovaries, acne, weight gain, insulin resistance, and Hirsutism (unwanted body hair/diminishing head hair). Not every female with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome have the majority of the symptoms, or may just have a couple of the symptoms. The symptoms of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome can vary from patient to patient. This makes visiting the best Gynec in Mumbai quite crucial. There’s no need to worry as PCOS is an extremely normal condition, influencing 5-20% of women in reproductive age.


9. Vas Deferens Blockage


The Vas Deferens is the tube in which sperm travel. Vas Deferens Blockage is also called as epididymis blockage. Varicose veins (Varicocele) of the gonads are the main cause behind this blockage. However, this problem can be resolved by visiting the best gynaecologist in Mumbai West.


10. Combination Infertility


This type of infertility problem happens when both partners (male and female) are diagnosed to have at least one or more issues with fertility. Around 25-35% cases of infertility are because of combination infertility.

How PCOS And Depression are Connected?

Many patients often ask that if there’s a connection between PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and depression. PCOS expands the chances of a female getting depression. Different hormones, alongside adapting to a troublesome medical condition, are the guilty parties. Depression can be a particularly alarming symptom of PCOS, as it drains your vitality level to get help and make improvements.

There’s no doubt that emotional results of PCOS can be damaging, there are steps that you can take. A good lifestyle, which incorporates a nutritious diet, physical exercise, nourishing supplements as well as medicines prescribed by gynaecologist, can help you bring your depression caused by PCOS under control.

A possible Polycystic Ovary Syndrome mood disorder that can go from mild to extreme, depression is a disorder that has the ability to influence how you work & perform every day. Some people have a wrong assumption that it is something just like being sad or unhappy, but depression is nothing that individuals can control as easily as their emotions. Women with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) can develop one of the 3 types of depressions:

· Occasional Affective Disorder – This pressure of sadness happens amid shorter days or winter when there’s a decline in daylight and it causes periodic depression. A few scientists indicate changing seasons as the reason behind this health condition.

· Dysthymia – It is a chronic form of depression and dysthymia can affect a patient for a considerable length of time and can happen along with different types of depression.

· Major Depressive Disorder – The most extreme kind of depression, this health problem usually remains for months and cause difficulty for people to work. This problem can happen as both are 1 time issue and a recurring disease.

PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) is quite a personal condition, which varies from patient to patient. So, there’s no clear way to explain that how it’s going to affect you emotionally and physically. Also, there’s no concrete evidence to explain the relation between PCOS and different forms of depression.

The Most Effective Method To Beat Depression

There is no exact cure available for PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), but females who follow new lifestyle are able to deal with the condition. The best gynecologists in Mumbai say that by getting a healthy diet that is low in sugar and carbs, and maximizing fibre intake, a PCOS patient can control her insulin levels and, therefore, improve the balance of her hormones. A patient can reclaim her heath by combining this with the consumption of nutritional supplements such as minerals and vitamins, and with a regular exercise routine.

PCOS causes various problems for patients to overcome. Depression is one of many troubling symptoms caused by this health issue. However, by visiting the best gynaecologist in Mumbai West you can get proper treatment for your PCOS problem.