What’s The Best Time To Get Pregnant

Do you know that there is a specific time period when a woman has a higher possibility of getting pregnant?

These are the days when a woman is ovulating and there’s a proper way to calculate when the right time to achieve pregnancy is.

To figure the possible dates of ovulation, you must a basic knowledge about your body and how it operates. The post ovulation time is the period between ovulation and the main day of the menstrual cycle, which comprises of 14 days and is the same for almost every woman.pregnant

So by being aware of the due date of the next menstrual cycle, by calculating back 12 to 16 days, you are probably going to figure out the times of ovulation.

Another way to check the ovulation date is by the BBT (Basal Body Temperature). This is done by checking and keeping an account of the vaginal temperature each morning utilising a BBT thermometer with a fine alignment. The thermometer shows a higher temperature upon the arrival of ovulation, compared to the temperature that was recorded on earlier days.

The cause for this ovulation period is that the egg begins growing from the last day of the menstrual cycle, achieving its greatest size between the eighth to twelfth days. It is recommended that engaging in sexual relations on the eighth, tenth and twelfth day, will give you the best chance of getting pregnant.

A fascinating truth to consider is that the life expectancy of the egg ranges from 12 to 24 hours, and this is the opinion of many renowned gynecologists in Mumbai. Fertility specialists say it is probably going to wither away inside 15 to 16 hours.

Achieving pregnancy is not only in the hands of women, and you must keep in mind that your partner needs to play an important role for you to conceive.

Many people think that they need to do a lot of intercourse during the ovulation period, but they need to keep in mind that a lot of intercourse may result in low sperm count and the sperms may lack the required power and capacity.

If intercourse is done multiple times every day, then sperm become old and stale, lacking the much needed energy. Fertility specialists suggest that for the best outcomes, intercourse must be done twice a week.

In comparison to female ovum that dies with a short time period, male sperm survive for 2 to 5 days within the vaginal canal. So, it’s an excellent idea to engage in intercourse for a few days sooner than the date of ovulation, to give the sperm a lot of chances to connect with the egg.

These are just a few guidelines, which may not be sufficient to achieve pregnancy. Further help is surely required, so you need to visit the best female gynecologists in Mumbai. The best gynec will help you in every way possible to achieve successful pregnancy.

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